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“Thank God for this company!”

“Thank God for this company!”

Working with Reliable PSD has been such a pleasurable experience for me. They turned my PSD design layout into a beautifully functioning HTML website that is EXACTLY the same as I designed it – only it’s now interactive.

Their team is great. They respond to my emails quickly and have absolutely great customer service.

I would use Reliable PSD again. They are reliable, fast, their work is excellent, and they’re just great to work with overall.

Thank God for this company!

Stephanie Jadotte, Founder of Jadotte Design

We're Designers, Too.

Reliable PSD was actually founded by a creative agency. Once upon a time, we were a band of creatives who needed our designs coded… and didn’t know where to turn.

We tested out many of the “design to code” services out there, and lived through quite a few horror stories as a result (maybe you can relate?).

So finally we buckled down, and decided to create the service of our dreams. In doing so, we created a service that other freelancers absolutely love. So if you have a design you need coded, talk to us!

You can send an email, give us a call (762) 354-0376‬, or fill out our handy quote form.

Need Discretion? Not a Problem.

Some freelancers like their clients to be “in the know”, and some like us to be their “little secret”.

We’re happy to comply with whatever you need, and be as discrete as you’d like.

NDAs are not a problem either – if you’d like us to sign one, send one on over!

Services We Provide.

We help freelancers all over the world by transforming their designs into:

Responsive HTML5 / CSS3.

Custom wordpress Themes / Templates (With Extra User-Friendly Functions).

Custom Email Templates (That Work in MailChimp’s & Others’ Visual Editors).

Updating / Fixing “Buggy” Websites.

Maintaining Websites.

And even some light design work (i.e. need a form added to your site, but don’t have time to design one? Our caring designers are happy to handle this for you.)

Plus, our code works beautifully with back-end code.

So if you’re implementing Ruby on Rails or anything else, you’ll find it easy and pleasurable to work with.

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