New Year, New Reliable
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New Year, New Reliable

by Mary Marnell

Published on January 30, 2022

Hey Clients!

Happy New Year! This is a time for fresh starts, and in the spirit of new journeys, I want to share that exciting changes are afoot at Reliable. The easiest way to explain what’s happening is by serving as your tour guide. No headphones are required, and we won’t exit through the gift shop.

The first thing you’ll notice is that our signage is different.

Our new official name is Reliable. We used to be Reliable PSD because when we started seven years ago, most of the files we got from our clients were in Photoshop format. Much has changed in the world of web design since then, and we wanted our brand to reflect those shifts.

To amplify that modification, we also devised a new logo, one that emphasizes the “R” in Reliable. Many streams of inspiration flowed into the design. We wanted to pay homage to the distinctive Figma logo since it’s a design too that most of our clients use. There’s a hint of the Patreon logo as well, and we wanted to merge some old with new with our take on the original 1927 release of the typeface Futura. We feel like our new Reliable mark is “future-proof” in that we have combined lots of emerging trends and enduring values into our brand.

Reliable New Logo

That explains the big box of t-shirts you see stacked up in a storage room. If you’re a client and you’d like to claim one of the illest t-shirts on the planet, featuring our hype new logo, then simply email me at [email protected] with your mailing address, and before you know it, you’ll be rocking new threads and making your friends jealous.

Moving on, I direct your attention to the smiling photograph of Viktor Solovey, a founding partner of Reliable.

Viktor has left Reliable to pursue other opportunities, and the net result is that I’m taking over ownership. But I want to give Viktor a huge shout-out of gratitude for his invaluable contributions to Reliable. The good news is that our professional collaboration will continue as Viktor heads into the red-hot field of GameFi, which is using cryptocurrency to revolutionize the video game industry. It’ll be a steep learning curve for me, but working with Viktor for the past five years has been remarkably fruitful, and I’m thrilled to continue our partnership. And if Covid would just chill out, I might get to visit him and his family in Prague this summer.

Viktor with daughter

In addition to Viktor, I want to give a shout-out to all of the many wonderful and immensely talented team members I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few years and who have used their expertise to create so much good for Reliable and Reliable clients.

Now, if you could turn your attention to the URL bar, that’s where another big change will be taking place.

While will remain our internet home for a couple more months, we’ll soon be moving over to When choosing our new domain name, I thought back to my early days at Reliable.

I was actually a client of Reliable’s first. I needed a company to help code a client’s project for me, and I’d been burned a time or two by other dev teams, so Reliable’s messaging and promises really resonated with me. After doing a couple of projects with them, I started to love the company and jumped at the opportunity to join the team when a position opened up.

On my first day of training, I was given the rundown on our email writing style guide and was encouraged to address clients with “Hey First Name!” I realized this type of (possibly over-the-top) friendly, conversational brand voice is one of the things that made me—along with so many other clients—fall in love with Reliable in the first place.

So the domain felt like a fitting tribute to honor our seven-year history.

We’re currently developing our new site as well as some other exciting projects and partnerships and look forward to sharing more over the coming months. As always, our main goal, the reason we do this, is to improve the experience of our clients and team members alike by offering an exceptionally high level of code, design, and service. Hey, we’re Reliable for a reason.

That’s the end of our tour, but it’s also the beginning of a new chapter we’ll be writing together.


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