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Why Hey Reliable for HTML?

With us, you get more than a one-and-done development job. You get a dedicated partner in your HTML journey dedicated to realizing your project needs and goals.

reliable code guarantee
90-Day Code Guarantee
Bugs or Issues On Us
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4x Quality Assurance
Unparalleled Stress Testing
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Friendly Support
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Clean, Modern Code

You'll receive modern, clean code, tailored with SASS.

Unparalleled Quality Assurance

Four layers of intensive stress testing on modern devices and browsers.

90-Day Code Guarantee

Find a bug or something we missed? That's on us for 90-days following your project launch.

Fast, Friendly Support

Our global presence means we're available to help around the clock during the workweek.

100% White Label

We’re your secret weapon. We white-label all of our services by default.

Based in Atlanta, GA

We're U.S.-based which means no more waiting 24 hours for every response.

Sketch to HTML / CSS

Hey Reliable was founded by a creative digital agency. We could simply never find a "reliable" dev partner, so we created the dev partner of our dreams. Let's talk about your Sketch to HTML / CSS projects. We'd love to be your perfect partner.

We Get it Right the First Time (Or Extremely Darn Close)

If you’ve worked with other Sketch to HTML and CSS conversion companies… you may have experienced never-ending fixes & bugs.

We started Reliable to be different. One major change: Multi-Layered Quality Assurance.

Each layer is packed with care and innovative processes that catch more bugs.

Beautiful, Clean Code

Design is art. We believe code is, too. There is art in code’s logic, and even in its appearance.

That’s why we beautifully indent all code. So if you ever have to edit it yourself, you’ll find it enjoyable.

To some, we may simply be converting Sketch files into HTML. To us, in every project, we’re perfecting our craft.

4-Layers of Careful Testing
Catch More Bugs

Converting your design from Sketch to HTML is only phase 1. Phase 2 is testing, which is broken into 3 key layers:

1) The original coder tests, 2) A dedicated team tests functionality, 3) A dedicated team tests UX / UI ensuring it matches your original design, 4) a senior coder reviewing the code.

By the time we send it to you, it’s either ready to go, or extremely darn close.

Perfect, On Any Device

Don’t have mobile / tablet designs? No problem.

Many of our clients prefer we handle this for them. Our team is passionate about UI / UX responsive best practices, and our clients love what they put together.

Have mobile / tablet designs? Great. We’ll simply code them to perfection.

There’s no wrong choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering giving us a try? Here are some FAQs we’ve assembled to help anticipate some questions or concerns you might have.

Where are you located?
We're a 100% remote team based all over the world, but we call Atlanta, GA, our home and HQ.
Do you outsource work to other companies?
We never outsource work to other companies. Every project we work on is coded by our in-house team.
Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
We're happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. We can also provide you with one to sign if you don't already have one. Whether we sign an NDA or not, we treat all projects as white-label and with strict confidentiality. We don't even include samples on our website.
How is Hey Reliable different from other development agencies?
Hey Reliable uniquely shines among dev agencies due to our meticulous quality assurance and stress testing. Unlike others who might rush, we invest time to ensure each project meets our top-notch standards. Every project goes through four tiers of rigorous stress testing across modern browsers and devices before it reaches you, ensuring smooth operation. Also, our attention to client care sets us apart. We're a compact team of experts offering individualized service. No complicated hierarchies or struggles for support; just direct access to our skilled team. With Hey Reliable, you enjoy the perks of a big agency with the care of a small, dedicated team, all aimed at delivering top-tier project results.
Do I have to provide mobile and tablet designs for my project?
If you have something very specific in mind for the mobile and tablet versions of your project, feel free to send separate mobile and tablet designs over. Otherwise, we can take care of the mobile and tablet breakpoints at our discretion using just your desktop designs.
What browsers do you support?
We test every project in the following browsers to ensure cross-browser compatibility:
  • Chrome (desktop and mobile)
  • Safari (desktop and mobile)
  • Edge (desktop)
  • Firefox (desktop)
  • Opera (desktop)
  • Samsung Internet (mobile)
This list is periodically updated as guided by the browser market share.
Will you add rollovers/hovers?
Yes, we add rollovers/hovers to any clickable elements in your design. If you have specific rollover or hover effects in mind, just let us know. Some clients choose to include a style guide with their project designs to show what should happen when links, buttons, etc., are hovered or clicked. If you don't specify, we'll take care of this at our discretion and go for something tasteful and in-line with your design.
Can you use CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind, and Foundation?
We're happy to use the CSS framework of your choice and have experience with popular ones including but not limited to Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind, and Foundation. Just mention which one you'd like us to use when you reach out for your proposal and make sure your designs are compatible with the framework grid.
Do I need to use a particular grid system or template for my designs?
You don't need to worry about using a particular grid system or template in your designs unless you're looking for a specific framework such as Bootstrap, in which case, your designs need to be compatible with the Bootstrap or framework grid before we can get started.
What JavaScript frameworks do you work with?
We work with a wide range of JS frameworks, including React, Vue.js as well as related popular frameworks such as Next.js, Gatbsy and many others. Our team is constantly up-to-date with the latest developments in the JavaScript world and we're always expanding our knowledge base to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Don’t see the answer to your question here? Let’s chat!

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laura elizabeth

I see them more of a partner than a service.

I’ve used Reliable PSD multiple times. I see them more of a partner than a service as not only has every design I’ve sent them been perfectly executed (and I really do mean perfectly) but their support team are fantastic, lovely, friendly people!

Laura Elizabeth, Design Academy

We felt like we were talking with an old friend.

Seeing the site live for the first time was a relief! We were amazed at their attention to detail, and they had executed every request! Our design looked gorgeous!

Sarah Dams, Sarott
eric sharp

With every project, they gained our trust.

We started using Reliable a few years ago on just smaller projects to develop rapport and start to build a relationship with their team. They are easy to work with, make quality a priority, and just a wonderful company for us to collaborate with.

Eric Sharp, Protofuse

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