Get These Premium WordPress Plugins Free with Your Next Project

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February 15, 2021
Get These Premium WordPress Plugins Free with Your Next Project

When the monthly bills arrive, premiums rank among the ones that cause the most indigestion. But there’s another meaning to the word that can bring joy and satisfaction. Premium is the best… and what if you can get the best for free?

At Reliable, we excited to now offer our clients access to a suite of fully-loaded premium plugins developed by the WordPress Multi-User Dev team. It’s a good idea to know what you’ll be getting in this deal, so below are quick explanations of how these plugins compare to others that are popular and well-known.

SmartCrawl Pro: Search Engine Optimization

SEO can make or break your website, and the way to harness its power is to let the right tool do the work. For many, that might mean paying for the premium version of Yoast. But our clients won’t have to, because SmartCrawl is already at the professional level when it comes to SEO. SmartCrawl especially excels at leveraging social media, so that if your content is shared, your page rank will improve.

BrandaPro: An All-in-One Solution

A Swiss Army knife is something you need when you want to lighten the load but still carry all the tools you need to survive. BrandaPro is something like that. It replaces many different plugins while allowing you to seize total control of all WP branding and customization. Here are a few ways how BrandaPro can enhance your WP experience:

  • No more bland system emails! You can customize every element such as To-and-From Forms, email logs, and HTML templates.
  • No more cookie banner plugins! Cookie Notice allows you to elegantly inform users that your site uses cookies by tweaking your message any way you want. This is a must to comply with EU and GDPR regulations, by the way, but these notices don’t have to be bland or off-brand.
  • No more boring banners (or the extra code)! Banners help get eyeballs to content, and in BrandaPoro you can customize your posts from top to bottom. It’s easy to change default display settings, and the Author Box feature at the end of a post is very useful for imparting author information, especially links to other posts.
  • No more empty headers or footers! Both are great places to display information, and whereas it took a couple of plugins to do this on WP before, now you can just use BrandaPro and save a few steps.
  • No more untargeted data! Now you can activate the Tracking Code module and insert the code at different locations in your website such as within the < head >, after < body > or before </ body >. There is also an option to insert the code on the whole website or insert it conditionally.
  • No more fuzzy favicons! The icon of your company that sits in the browser tabs is foundational to your brand and you can customize it without using a different plugin. You can also override the WP default image filesize limit based on a user’s role.
  • No more generic Coming Soon or Maintenance pages! You can customize both to stay consistent with your brand.

Beehive Pro: Customizable Google Analytics

We have never had more data at our fingertips than now, but it’s also easy to drown in numbers unless we can actually build reports that help us understand how our website is performing. Beehive Pro gives you the ability to plunder all kinds of data-driven gems from Google Analytics in reports for WP. You can customize a dashboard so that you can assess the features you are targeting. You just sync it to your Google account and you’re off and running.

Hustle Pro: Marketing Made Easy

Marketing is all about getting a bang for your buck, and this plugin allows you to launch opt-ins, pop-ups, social share bars, and embeds that will attract more visitors to your website. You can have as many campaigns going as you want. You can pick from designer templates or customize your own. Every day you’re hustling, and this plugin makes your sweat pay-off.

Hummingbird Pro: Cache and Speed Optimization

Loading speed is crucial to establishing your brand. Even the most visually stunning website will fail unless it loads fast. This plugin comes with many different performance-related arrows in its quiver to ensure that your files are compressed, your cache is efficient, and your assets are optimized. It will also send you regular reports on website performance so you can remain aware of any issues (not that our clients frequently do). You can also take some weight off your server by getting access to unlimited CDN at 45 global co-locations.

Interested in getting access to one of these plugins? Let us know! Get a free proposal today.

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