Top 3 Complaints About PSD to Code Companies (And How We Solved Them)

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April 15, 2016
Top 3 Complaints About PSD to Code Companies (And How We Solved Them)

If you’ve ever decided to outsource design to code before, you know it can be a nightmare.

Our web design agency experienced it, and we know lots of other designers and agencies have been through it, too.

That’s why we started Reliable. To put an option out there that really did things “right.”

But first, we identified these 3 huge problems with most design to HTML & WordPress conversion services, and we came up with solutions to fix them.

Problem #1: Their biggest concern is low prices.

It’s a competitive market, so the vast majority of design-to-code companies outsource the coding to whoever will do the job the cheapest.

After all, you—their clients—are typically designers, not coders, so you might not be able to tell good code from bad. Here’s what so often happens:

  • These companies hire under-qualified coders, and they produce poor-quality code that doesn’t work on modern browsers and devices.
  • Poor coding results in tons of bugs, fixes, and changes — a never-ending list of things that are wrong.
  • When they do hire good coders, they feel “cheated” by the low pay, so they don’t put as much care into their work.

Our Answer:

When we created Reliable, we decided to compete on quality, not price.

Our prices aren’t insanely expensive, but they’re definitely above average. We hand-select our coders, pay them well, and appreciate them. In return, they take pride in their work and want to put their best efforts into every project.

We sometimes lose jobs to the lowest bidders, but we’ve made a commitment never to sacrifice quality for the price. If we lowered our prices, we might get more business, but we’d probably turn into one of those nightmarish conversion companies described above.

And then someone else would have to create a Reliable to put us in our place.

Instead, we try to help our clients and prospects understand why our prices are actually quite fair, and most of the time they understand and are happy to pay a bit more for a job that’s really done “right.”

The “sticker” price is often a bit higher, but when you factor in time and energy saved, we actually might be the cheapest in town.

Problem #2: Their next priority is speed.

“Forty-eight hours or less.” “24 hours or less.” These are often their bold promises on turnaround times. While you might get something in your hands in that amount of time, it typically takes a lot longer for it to actually become a “finished product”.

With other companies our own agency has outsourced code to, we’ve literally spent weeks—or months—tearing our hair out with endless back-and-forth fixes, often asking repeatedly for the same things before finally seeing results.

The truth is, when you rush, mistakes happen. When you’re constantly rushing, a LOT of mistakes happen.

And so it ends up being slower to do it “faster.”

Our Answer:

While it’s important to get projects done quickly, it’s even more important for the final product to perfectly match the original design and be bug-free.

Our team at Reliable fast, but we have a very careful, thorough quality assurance process. No project leaves our gates without going through 3 layers of QA:

  1. The initial coder tests your project on a multitude of devices and browsers.
  2. A dedicated tester does the same, working with the coder on any problems or issues.
  3. One of our designers reviews the project to make sure it perfectly matches your design. If it doesn’t, he or she gives the coder changes until it does. Designers simply have better eyes than developers, so on their own, devs will always miss things here or there. That’s why we added a designer to the process.

After everyone is satisfied, we send it for client review. And guess what? Most clients have no changes. And when something does slip through, it’s typically very, very minor, which means it’s quick and painless for us to fix ASAP.

Does this mean we never make mistakes? Of course not! We’re human after all. But when we do, we do whatever we can to make up for it.

Problem #3: They don’t start from scratch

Many conversion companies claim “hand-coded,” and partly that’s true. But they start with big, clunky frameworks that come pre-loaded with a lot of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Even if your project doesn’t use all of the CSS and JavaScript in the framework, it still has to load when you open your site, slowing down load times.

In addition, by working “around” code instead of starting from scratch, bugs pop up because they have to create “hacks” and “patches” for the code instead of just doing it right the first time.

This lets them deliver something to you faster. But again, it typically has missing design elements, bugs in different browsers, functionality missing altogether, etc.

Our Answer:

We actually start every project with a clean slate. That way we only add the code you need for your project, and we make it elegant too. This means:

  • Every project is coded from scratch. Period. Our coders prefer this because it gives them the freedom to write efficient, creative solutions to challenges.
  • All of our code is indented appropriately and commented well, so if we (or you) need to update something, we can quickly understand what’s already there.
  • The end result is refreshingly amazing.

All of this care makes the initial “sticker” price a bit higher. But because you’re getting a higher quality website, you save so much time, energy, and hassle that you actually save a lot more in the long run.

A New Era

Until now, there weren’t many options for getting this kind of quality unless you had an amazingly high budget. That’s because, in our experience, most PSD to Responsive HTML/WordPress companies suffer from the 3 problems above.

But then came Reliable.

We started Reliable because we’re designers too, and we hated the hassle and headache that so often came with design-to-code outsourcing. We made it a point to do things differently, and we know better than anyone what you really need from a service like this.

Our goal is to make the website creation process smooth and seamless for you, so you can deliver a beautiful product to your clients, every time.

Ready to make the switch from hassle to happy?

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