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Our Unique PSD to WordPress Process

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December 3, 2015
Our Unique PSD to WordPress Process

Here at Reliable, we hold a very special place for WordPress in our hearts. Design to WordPress projects can be very simple or very complex, and we absolutely love them all. In fact, it’s currently the only CMS (Content Management System) we work with, and we’ve spent many years mastering it thoroughly and completely.

So, why do we love WordPress so much?

It’s an amazing, reliable platform. It’s flexible, so you can customize it to your every need. The creators at Automattic keep it running like a well-oiled machine—there’s amazing developer support, and it’s regularly updated for issues, bugs, and better performance.

WordPress can accomplish any need you may have when it comes to your website:

  • Editing/adding content to your website.
  • Having an e-commerce store with every feature you can imagine.
  • Running a subscription-based site where you manage multiple user accounts.
  • And much, much more.

So, how does our PSD to WordPress process work here at Reliable?

Design to HTML

At Reliable, our design to WordPress process starts with PSD to HTML5. We begin by taking your designs and carefully converting them to beautifully written code that’s responsive across all devices, and seamless across all browsers.

When the developer assigned to your project is done coding the site, a senior developer carefully reviews it for any coding errors or mishaps. If any are found, they get taken care of promptly, and the site is reviewed again. This process is repeated until no errors are left.

One of the most special things about Reliable is that we have a designer fully involved in the design to WordPress process as well.

Our design team works hand-in-hand with our development team to make sure that your website looks just as good on tablet and mobile as it does on desktop (unless, of course, you’ve provided responsive designs, in which case we’d match them to a T and still do responsive development for all screen sizes you didn’t provide designs for).

A professional web designer carefully examines every page and compares it to the original designs provided to make sure it’s pixel perfect. The designer reviewing your project sends the developer as many rounds of revisions as necessary to get your designs just right.

Only when this process is completed, and all team members are happy with the quality of the work, will we send you links to review the HTML files. Nine times out of 10 the files are good to go as they are, but if we ever happen to miss something, we always fix it right away so we can move forward quickly and efficiently.

HTML to WordPress

Next, we’re ready to move forward with WordPress integration. This is where we take the HTML files and expertly integrate them with PHP to make them work on the WordPress platform.

After this, we perform another rigorous quality assurance session.

And that’s it—your PSD, Sketch, Figma, or XD to WordPress project is ready!

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

In most of our PSD to WP projects, we use an incredible, versatile plugin called Advanced Custom Fields. We take the already easy-to-use WordPress dashboard and make it even more user-friendly and intuitive. With ACF, we can customize the dashboard to your specific layout and content so that adding content and managing your site is much easier and faster for you and your clients.

ACF enables you to use WordPress in ways you’re most likely already familiar with from other websites: complex layouts and pages are just like filling out a form. You can easily update all text and images, just like updating your status on Facebook or posting a photo to Instagram. Even if you’ve never used WordPress, you’ll be navigating and using the admin dashboard in no time at all.

Don’t care for ACF? Not to worry! We offer other page builder options such as Elementor as well.

We Always Start Design to WordPress from Scratch

Many companies use pre-made WordPress themes in their PSD to WordPress projects. Not us. Not ever. Coding WordPress sites this way can cause many issues, which is why we code from scratch. Every. Single. Time.

By doing that we can ensure that:

  1. Your website will work flawlessly on every device and browser. We won’t be ‘hacking’ someone else’s code to try to fit your design into a pre-made framework.
  2. Your website will be fast-loading as it will only be using the code and scripts needed for your design. Pre-made themes often have tons of extra features that can slow down your site.

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