PSD to HTML Conversion: Freelancers Vs. Agencies

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September 15, 2018
PSD to HTML Conversion: Freelancers Vs. Agencies

If you’re looking to outsource the PSD / CSS to HTML conversion process, there are essentially two roads you can take. Some companies opt to hire a freelancer, while others chose to work with an agency. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each option:


The Benefits of Hiring A Freelancer

Sites like UpworkFiverr, and Guru have made hiring remote freelancers an option for virtually every organization out there. Here are two of the most important reasons why this is such a popular decision:

1. Competitive Rates

Freelancers usually don’t have to contend the same overhead that agencies do. They don’t have to pay for office space, they don’t have employees, and they tend to manage their own marketing efforts, for example. The end result is that many of these savings are partially passed on to clients.

2. Guaranteed Single Point of Contact

Some poorly run agencies can be difficult to work with because they leave their clients feeling as if there is no individual person they can turn to with questions, concerns, comments, etc. Freelancers solve this problem – at least as long as you only need to hire one freelancer, that is.

The Benefits of Hiring An Agency

If you are willing to dish out a few more dollars, an agency might be the right choice for your PSD to HTML project. Here are three reasons why:

1. Greater Availability

Because freelancers are one-person teams, they can sometimes get overwhelmed with tasks, deadlines, and client correspondence. This can make it difficult for them to respond to you in a timely fashion, and it can even compromise their ability to guarantee turnaround times with the same certainty as agencies.

2. Better Accountability

For agencies, reputation is everything. And no successful agency would ever let a poor client experience compromise their market positioning. Freelancers, on the other hand, might only be working what they consider to be a “side gig,” and might not be as willing or as able to address any points of dissatisfaction that you have at the end of a project.

3. Teamwork, Without Team Management

Last but not least, agencies allow their clients to take advantage of a diverse, well-rounded team of creative professionals rather than relying upon the work of a single individual. Here at ReliablePSD, for example, we guarantee that a designer collaborates alongside every developer to create websites that stay true to the aesthetic visions of our clients. This is a service that freelancers simply cannot compete with. If you want to learn more about our creative process here at Reliable, we encourage you to continue browsing the Reliable blog, or to get in touch today for a free quote on your PSD to HTML project!

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