Best Way To Convert Your Design To HTML

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November 8, 2018
Best Way To Convert Your Design To HTML

From eCommerce stores to personal sites, the web building process always falls into two basic steps: design then coding. The problem is that many people who have a vision for their site strong enough to compel them to build it themselves are just not coders. If you are planning to build a prototype design (or already have one), here are the ways you can bridge the gap between design and website:

Code It Yourself

While this is hands down the best way to turn your design into html, it is simply just not an option for many people. Hand coding your website from your own design gives you the greatest amount of flexibility and understanding of the inner workings of your site. When it comes to maintenance, knowing your website inside and out makes repairs easy, as you usually have a much better grasp on what is going on than you would have otherwise. However, It requires a very in depth understanding of code. If you are not an engineer, hand coding yourself is just not practical.

Get it Done With Software

While this may seem like the easiest way, it usually creates a product full of errors. Freelance front-end developers and companies will typically produce better HTML/CSS than any plugin or piece of software can. When it comes to SEO, software falls way behind the capabilities of human coding. Furthermore, having code that neither you, nor an engineer has looked at makes adding new features a very difficult process.

Use A PSD To HTML Service

Using a PSD to HTML service to bring your custom design to life is the only way to get full control over the user experience of your site. Services like Reliable PSD will take your design from Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and many other kinds of design software and turn that into html and CSS. That means that you get full control of your the design and UX of your site, without being an engineer.

While automatic tools have their place, the cleanliness and optimization of the code just doesn’t stack up to what a human coder can accomplish. Furthermore, if you want to create a design that has maximum flexibility and repairability, but don’t have the skillset to code it yourself, using a conversion service is definitely your best option.

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