Convert PSD to HTML in Photoshop

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January 1, 2019
Convert PSD to HTML in Photoshop

Looking to send your website design out into the world? Well, if you did your work in Photoshop, you’ve got several options for how you go about it.

Photoshop Tools

Many a website design begins its life as a Photoshop file, and Adobe has realized this. The Photoshop program now does make an effort to ease the process of PSD to HTML. Like their slice feature. Ever stared at that wonky little knife symbol wondering why on earth you would ever need to cut up your perfect picture? Well it’s there to help you get your design online as functional code, which often requires pictures to be turned into little jigsaw puzzles.

These tools are great, but it’s important to remember that Photoshop was not originally conceived with web design in mind. It was but a humble photo editor once upon a time and even with added features like layers and stacking, it lacks the kind of streamlined user experience you’d get from a more designated service.

Photoshop Plug-ins

Photoshop is compliant with plenty of plug-ins, as well. Compiled here is a list of dozens of Photoshop add-ons, several of which assist with various stages of HTML conversion. Some plug-ins (like Export Kit) even go all out and do the entire conversion for you (to varying degrees of success).

Professional Services

This can all get a bit daunting. And if you’re not careful, you might notice that worry over how you’ll convert your work to code might start seeping in to your design itself. A lovely design idea might hit the cutting room floor because you’re unsure how to translate it to HTML with the tools you have available. This is where enlisting some help can save you wonders in the long run.

Partnering with a service like Reliable PSD removes all the guesswork and “free HTML conversion tools” Google searches that eat up hours of your day and lead you nowhere. With a professional service, you won’t even have to worry about creating a design that’s “easy to convert to code.” You can just focus on making the best design for your client’s site and trust Reliable PSD’s programmers with the rest.

Somewhere out there, between the plug-ins and the added tools, there is a path from Photoshop document to functional HTML5 / CSS3. It’s a circuitous and frustrating journey, though, that will net you weaker results than professional hand coding. Remember that it’s not always about comparing the cost of a Photoshop conversion plug-in to the fee charged by a professional service. Your time is worth money, too.

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