How to Generate HTML from PSD

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December 23, 2018
How to Generate HTML from PSD

Generating HTML from PSD is the process of converting a photoshop document into HTML code. There are a few ways that this can be performed, and each method can produce different results that affect the finished product. The two main methods of conversion are by using automatic software or by hand. This article will describe some of the benefits and detriments to both, as well as compare the approximate prices to help you determine which method is the best for your website.

Software Conversion

There are quite a few software conversion resources available online. The benefit to these are that they’re easily accessible, many are cheap, and can produce quick results. Software can typically finish a job and may initially look like a finished product, but users will be quick to find flaws in the coding that expose the poor quality of the conversion. Software conversion also cannot produce truly custom HTML code that interacts seamlessly with the PSD file.

Software may be the right choice for someone who is has the time and ability to find and fix bugs, who knows how to write front-end code, or for users who have simple webpages on hosted, templated websites.

Conversion by Hand

Hand Conversion of PSD to HTML files is performed by HTML experts through services like ReliablePSD and involves multiple levels of service and quality control before delivering your final product to you. Hand-coding is the most reliable method to ensure that the code is bug-free that delivers pixel perfect conversion every time. HTML experts are also familiar with slicing PSD files to pixel perfection in ways that software conversion is incapable. The bug-free results of hand conversion also makes your website more responsive to multiple platforms so that visitors to your webpage receive the same quality on their smartphones or tablets that they would if they were using a traditional browser.

Hand Conversion is best for users who are invested in their website inside and out and who want quality, bug-free, customizable results on webpages that are easy to load and user-friendly.

Cost Comparison

As mentioned before, one of the benefits to software conversion is that there are cheap or free versions available online. Ultimately, however, this is another example in which you get what you pay for. Software conversion produces inferior quality, buggy results that will likely cost you more of your time to fix than it’s worth. Not to mention, the potential loss of pageviews and business that will result from visitors choosing pages that look and run better than yours.

Hand Conversion services are an investment that experts will tell you is worth every penny. Some HTML coding experts charge by the hour, so the cost will largely depend on the size and detail of your project. Other services, like ReliablePSD, have a page that gives you approximate prices for projects so that you get a rough understanding of the cost before committing to a provider. A good conversion service will offer you a free quote on your project before you begin.

Your time is valuable, entrusting a hand-conversion service means that you won’t need to spend your time and money fixing mistakes. Your website is your business and investing in reliable code proves time and time again to be a worthy and justifiable cost.


In summary, hand-conversion of PSD files to HTML is the better option over software conversion. Software conversion produces inferior results that may produce more problems and costs than if you were to hire a conversion expert for your webpage. Hand-conversion will be easier for both you and your webpage users to find and navigate your website on any device. When looking for a conversion service, you should look for a provider that works with you to understand your needs and priorities, will communicate with you every step of the way, and is as passionate about your website as you are. ReliablePSD offers all of these things and more in their comprehensive service.


ReliablePSD is different than other PSD to code services because they’re designers too. They know what to look for in a webpage and what to fix so that it is perfect and complete by the time you receive it. ReliablePSD works with you and treats you like a friend. They have incredible customer service and a three-tiered quality control system that guarantees quality and accuracy every time.

ReliablePSD also prioritizes trust. They build relationships with their clients rather than treating them as a paycheck. Because of this, you also know that they will work hard to prove that their work is worth every penny.

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