Now Offering Custom WordPress Themes with Gutenberg

Mary Marnell - Hey Reliable by Mary Marnell
September 17, 2019
Now Offering Custom WordPress Themes with Gutenberg

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about WordPress’ slick new editor, Gutenberg.

Since its release, our team here at Reliable has been working hard to learn it inside and out and develop best coding practices.

We’re excited to announce that as of today, we’re now fully supporting the new WordPress Gutenberg editor and adding it to our development toolbox.

gutenberg logo

What is Gutenberg, you ask?

Unlike the classic WordPress editor that went unchanged for the better part of a decade, Gutenberg has a drag and drop interface that makes adding rich content to pages and posts both simple and enjoyable.

Moreover, one of Gutenberg’s most exciting features is the ability to create custom content blocks. Similar to other WordPress page builder tools, this means that you can simply click a plus icon then easily add and customize elements on both pages and posts:

gutenberg page

However, from a development aspect, creating even the most elemental block in Gutenberg is extremely complicated and requires a ton of code, which isn’t ideal.

So, we came up with something even better to leverage all the key features of Gutenberg while also keeping time and costs to a minimum:

Advanced Custom Fields Blocks for Gutenberg

This means you’ll get the best of both worlds:

Advanced Custom Fields is a lightweight plugin for WordPress that allows us to match your design with a very high level of accuracy and makes the dashboard as easy to update and maintain as sharing a photo on Instagram.

On top of this killer plugin, you’ll have the flexibility and straightforwardness of Gutenberg with endless possibilities for customizing your content.

It’s no shock that WordPress just keeps getting better, and with Gutenberg, it’s never been more smooth and simple to maintain your website.

Are you interested in learning more about Gutenberg or do you have an upcoming WordPress project you’d like us to quote for you?

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