PSD To WordPress Plugins

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December 14, 2018
PSD To WordPress Plugins

If you are a designer who has a vision for a WordPress website but you don’t have any coding skills, you’ve probably considered using a Photoshop to WordPress plugin. PSD to WordPress is a great route to take for those who are very particular about the experience they want to offer their customers, but don’t know how to turn that into a real life website. Here are some plugins that you should consider.

Export Kit

Export Kit is a conversion software that does the job in a matter of minutes. Their website shows in detail the steps needed to get your photoshop document into a WordPress theme. Since this plugin gives the resources you need to make sure things are done right, with some work, you can convert your PSD into a fairly clean site. Bottom line, turning a design into a site is a lot of work, and finding the easiest solution will likely live you with buggy code.


Code Canyon

Plugins are the cheap option and Code Canyon is a good route for a pre-revenue producing startup. A basic licence to use their software is only $27 dollars. They are also known for having really good customer support, which is going to be necessary when using automatic software.


Deal Fuel

Before you start getting invested in exploring this software, know that it only works for windows (which is strange considering most designers prefer Mac OS). Right off the bat, it’s a red flag that a company in this industry has a poorly designed site full of dead links. If they took their own medicine with their website creation, than Its apparent that the cheap and easy option they offer is just too good to be true.


PSD To Web

PSD to web works with many platforms including WordPress, but also with Shopify, Magento, Xt Commerce and many other builders. Like many other plugins, its clear that the process is not as simple as they advertise. Of course, because the software is automatic, the PSD needs to be build in a very particular way. An issue that they touch on but do not go in depth enough to offer any valuable resources.


Is There A Better Way?

One of the most common complaints is the plugins produce poor code. This can lead to difficulties with generating and maintaining a final product or may even result in having to dig into the code itself to fix the issue or bug. Needless to say, these types of plugins can be hit or miss.

If it works the first time, then great, you are all set! But if one tiny line (or character) of code from behind the scenes ends up in the wrong place, you better brew yourself a pot of coffee to help keep you awake while you troubleshoot.

Reliable PSD is not a plugin. They work by using your PSD as a refrence to get a pixel perfect, perfectly coded website. Unlike most plugins their code is SEO focused. The company prides itself in developing easy, intuitive, and user-friendly WordPress websites without having to look at the in-depth code involved in designing the webpage.

Reliable PSD has a simple method to help generate quality, finished webpages. Simply send in your PSD and the company developers code it. The designers then review the code for any errors. If any are found, the designer notifies the developer and has them fix the error on the spot.

After hearing about all of the difficulties involved in using different software and various PSD plugins, it can be quite the relief that Reliable PSD has come up with a cost-effective solution to this issue. No longer will you have to troubleshoot complex code and wonder why you didn’t just manually do the work yourself to begin with. Reliable PSD has a team of top-notch coders and web designers who will do that work for you and make sure your website is picture-perfect down to the very last detail.

You can explore all of Reliable PSD’s conversion services yourself by checking out their website.

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