What is PSD to HTML and CSS Conversion?

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September 24, 2018
What is PSD to HTML and CSS Conversion?

In simple terms, PSD to HTML and CSS conversion is the process of turning a visual idea into front-end code. This service is a necessity for anyone who wants to create a custom website yet lacks the training and expertise to write functional, responsive code.

Still unsure about exactly how this process works, or whether or not you will need PSD to HTML and CSS conversion services as you build your website? Let’s take a more in-depth look at how custom websites are created:


Why Does the PSD to HTML and CSS Process Exist?

Adobe Photoshop offers one of the most powerful yet intuitive tools for web design in the world today. And because this software allows designers to see their creations in real time as they build them, it is much more conducive to creativity and user-friendly design than simply coding a website into existence ever could be.

Unfortunately, because websites are dynamic, interactive places that require adaptive, responsive designs, Adobe Photoshop designs (abbreviated PSDs) are only sophisticated mockups of what a website will actually end up being. For this reason, an experienced developer is needed to convert PSD files into actual HTML and CSS coding.


The Biggest PSD to HTML Mistake

Although the notion of “converting” one way of displaying information into another might sound straightforward, the truth is that quality PSD to HTML5 and CSS3 conversion is both a science and an art. In addition to staying true to the ideas expressed by a PSD designer, HTML/CSS coders must also integrate a number of important functional elements into the code. If they fail to do this, the website might load slowly, earn poor search engine rankings, or fail to display properly on varying screen sizes.

Many people, eager to get their new website online (or eager to save on the cost of PSD to HTML and CSS conversion) look for web development shortcuts that only lead to headaches down the road. Free PSD to HTML software is one common example of this, as are all those suspiciously cheap PSD to HTML agencies you may have seen advertised across the web. In the end, you usually get what you pay for, and your company website is one expense worth investing in.


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