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- Darren Allen, UX Lead Designer

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Design by Hey Reliable

We make UI/UX design a breeze. We're all about cool, on-brand, easy-to-use, accessible designs that your users will love.

Crafting UI/UX Design for All Devices, Everywhere

Every screen, every device, we’ve got it covered. Our designs aren’t just for one size, they’re for all. So whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone, a tablet or a smartwatch, you can count on Hey Reliable to make sure your digital presence looks fantastic and functions smoothly.

We’re all about making sure every tap, click, or swipe feels just right, no matter where your users are.

Friendly Faces and Transparent UI/UX Design Milestones

Our team isn’t just about pixels and codes, we’re about people too. We’re a friendly bunch who believe in open dialogue and consistent touchpoints. Each week during a design project, we get together to chat about progress, milestones, and next steps. It’s our way of keeping everything transparent, making sure we’re on the same page, and ensuring that every part of the design process feels like a collaboration. We’re not just your designers, we’re your design partners.

From Design Web

At Hey Reliable, design and development go hand in hand. Our UI/UX design team works in tandem with our in-house development team, adding life to our designs with seamless animations and smooth transitions.

But it’s not all just about looking good; we meticulously test everything to ensure it works perfectly on the web. We believe a design isn’t complete until it’s not just visually stunning, but technically flawless too.

All Projects Include

Every project we take on is loaded with these fantastic perks, all tailored to create the best UI/UX design experience possible.

Responsive Design
Consistent Branding
SEO-Friendly Architecture
Weekly Check-Ins
High-Quality Graphics
Accessibility Compliance
Content Strategy Guidance
Conversion Optimization
Design Documentation
Data-Driven Decisions
Interactive Prototypes
Dedicated Project Manager

We felt like we were talking with an old friend.

Seeing the site live for the first time was a relief! We were amazed at their attention to detail, and they had executed every request! Our design looked gorgeous!

Sarah Dams, Sarott

UI/UX Design FAQ

How much does a design project cost at Hey Reliable?
At Hey Reliable, we value each project for its unique needs and complexities, tailoring our pricing to match. While we bring a high level of care and expertise to each project, you can typically expect a comprehensive website design project to start at around $12k, given our dedicated design team's time and skills. That being said, we understand that every project is unique, and if you have a smaller project, we'd still love to hear about it! For development-only projects, we don't have a set minimum cost.
How long does a typical UI/UX design project take at Hey Reliable?
The timeline for a UI/UX design project at Hey Reliable can greatly vary as it depends on the specific needs and complexity of the project. While we tailor each project to our client's unique requirements, a typical project usually spans anywhere from 2 to 6 months, and sometimes even longer. However, rest assured that we always strive to deliver top-quality results in the most efficient timeframe possible.
What is the UI/UX design process at Hey Reliable?
At Hey Reliable, our UI/UX design process is a systematic and thoughtful approach. It kicks off with the creation of wireframes and moodboards, setting the foundation of the design. Once we've captured the overall feel of the project, we move on to designing the homepage. Upon your approval of the homepage, we then proceed to design the inner pages. When all pages are approved and finalized, we compile a comprehensive design documentation to streamline the development process. And then, the magic happens - we dive into coding, transforming the design into a functioning website.
Do you design for accessibility?
We love making the internet a more inclusive place, and we’re committed to ensuring that all users, regardless of ability, can access and navigate your website with ease. We start our accessibility compliance process during the design phase using AI-powered accessibility plugin that helps in the creation and testing of accessible designs. We then use a WCAG checklist during development to ensure your website passes each guideline.
How do you handle responsive design and development?
Mobile responsiveness is a top priority throughout our design and development processes. Our team carefully crafts designs for both desktop and mobile simultaneously, ensuring each page and element is optimized for devices of all sizes. Additionally, during the coding phase, we put emphasis on responsive development, which guarantees your website will look stellar across all screen sizes, including those we didn't specifically design for. So, no matter the device your audience is using, they're guaranteed a seamless experience.
How do you handle design revisions?
We understand the importance of getting the design just right. That's why we have a structured revision process in place. After each design delivery, we provide an opportunity for you to give your feedback and request changes. We take this feedback seriously and work diligently to incorporate your revisions into the next version of the design. Our goal is to ensure you're completely satisfied with the final design.
How involved will I be in the design process?
We believe in a collaborative approach at Hey Reliable. While our experts will be doing the heavy lifting, we value and encourage your input at every stage of the design process. We'll share our designs, gather your feedback, and make revisions based on your inputs. After all, it's your brand, and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
How will you ensure the design aligns with my brand?
We kick off every design project with a thorough discovery process. This helps us understand your brand, its personality, and your overall vision. We then create moodboards and wireframes that align with these elements. Throughout the design process, we maintain open lines of communication and feedback to ensure that the final designs resonate with your brand identity.
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