Our 2017 Growth Plan
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Our 2017 Growth Plan

by Viktor Solovey

Published on December 26, 2016


Lou here, co-founder of Reliable.

I hope you’re having a great holiday season 🙂

This is also an important time in business.

It’s where you can take a moment, breathe, and think about how you’ll grow in 2017.

Here’s our game plan for growth in 2017, as well as the “why” behind each step.

I’d love to see yours. Feel free to reply to this post and share!

1. Launch SEO-worthy content and engage in intensive link-building campaigns

Why? Our SEO is practically non-existent. It’s a growth channel we’re mostly ignoring, but creates “free” lead generation. By regularly publishing high-quality content, we open ourselves up to helping our target market more, and to people finding us through channels they currently can’t.

2. Grow supplementary services / add-ons

Why? Margins for our core services can be thin depending on the project. To pad margins and create room for more scaling and growth – we need to increase the add-on services we offer that allow us to deliver value without much cost to ourselves.

3. Enhance customer service

Why? This is one of our biggest differentiators. So to continue to lead the industry – we have to constantly see where our service can improve, and improve it.

4. Enhance code quality

Why? This too is one of our biggest differentiators. Since code standards continually evolve, we need to continually stay up to date and educate and improve our team. 

5. Improve testing efficiency

Why? Our designer-review is another key differentiator. But it can be very costly on time. If we can make it more efficient, we lower our hard costs, and deliver websites to our clients faster, thus improving margins, and improving service, which leads to increasing sales.

6. Optimize our website for conversions more frequently

Why? 100% of our business comes through our website. By making it convert better, we get more out of our monthly marketing budget, which again increases margins, and helps us reach more designers in need.

7. Improve lead generation

Why? Aside from our 10% off offer on our website, we currently have no other means of capturing leads. By creating campaigns specifically for lead gen, such as high quality content behind an opt-in, we can gather a much larger list of potential customers, much faster.

8. Get better at gifting

Why? Something we love doing is sending customers gifts. But, truthfully, we are really bad at remembering to do so. But it’s important to us to make our customers feel special so they know they’re not just a transaction to us. 

9. Grow more partnerships

Why? Reliable has almost no referral partners. But so many potential ones exist, which can help us grow our customer base without any advertising costs.

Okay, that’s our plan!

What’s yours?

Send me a bullet list! Seriously! I’d love to see it.

Happy Holidays 🙂

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