Best Practices for Adding Bugs, Changes, and Updates in Teamwork
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Best Practices for Adding Bugs, Changes, and Updates in Teamwork

by Viktor Solovey

Published on February 28, 2016

Hey there!

Found some bugs in your project? Don’t worry! we’ll fix them right up ?. Want to make some additions or upgrades? That’s ok too! We’d be happy to get you a quote for any additional items (and the super easy stuff, remedy we usually just throw in for free ?).

In either case, I created this handy guide to help you add changes to your project in the easiest and fastest way, that will allow us to go through your changes as quickly and efficiently as possible! (And communicate about them in an organized way, too!)

Follow this guide when adding your tasks. I promise, once you’ve done it once, it’s a piece of cake! ?


Step 1

Log in to Teamwork. You’ll “land” right in the tasks tab, where you can see the “Client Review” task list.


Step 2

Add your changes / updates organized by the DEVICE, BROWSER, and PAGE as shown below. Add each change as a SUB-TASK.

Quick tip: you can easily edit or re-order a task after you saved it by hovering over it, and using the edit / reorder icons to the left of each task!


Where appropriate, include screenshots or updated files to go with your changes.


*Important: Make sure not to tag anyone / notify by email during this stage! We’ll get to that in a sec!


Step 3

When you’re all done, hover over the task: “I’ve added my project fixes / bugs / updates. Please take a look! :-)” and click “edit”.

There, assign the task to April, and make sure “notify by email” is selected. (Feel free to include additional notes there too, if you’d like!)

Click “save” and you’re all done! ?


Wasn’t that easy?

Now we can whiz right through your changes!

Thank you for using this guide! 🙂

Have a wonderful day,

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